Advanced IT Training is now Available

Training track: Infrastructure Applications
Jobs available upon completion Network Architect
Network Engineer
Network Administrator
Systems Architect
Systems Engineer
Systems Administrator
Cybersecurity Architect
Cybersecurity Engineer
Cybersecurity Architect
Cybersecurity Administrator
Cloud Architect
Cloud Engineer
Cloud Administrator
Software Architect
Software Developer
Software Engineer
Database Developer
Database Administrator
Database Architect
Big Data Developer
Data Scientist
Business Intel. Developer
Web and App Developer
Quality Assurance Analyst
Integration Engineer
Course Work Cisco Routing and Switching (40 Hours)
Microsoft Windows and Azure (40 Hours)
Linux and Embedded Systems (40 Hours)
Cybersecurity and Compliance (40 Hours)
Amazon Web Services (40 Hours)
Enterprise Java Development (40 Hours)
Oracle SQL and Relational Databases (40 Hours)
Big Data and AI with Python (40 Hours)
Big Data with Hadoop and Cloudera (40 Hours)
DevOps with Amazon Web Services (40 Hours)

Pro Focus

Providing affordable professional solutions for your business.
Web Development, SEO and Online Reputation Management

We build professional websites and make sure that your business is discoverable and well presented.


We professionally host and maintain onsite all your technology needs. We utilize the cloud as well as private and hybrid solutions.


We setup and secure your network, from cabling to wireless access to firewall management. We are professional network defenders.

Start-up Incubation

We have two large high tech facilities to help you run your business. From meetings in professional settings to co-locating with other startups, we are here for you.



CalUMS PRO nonprofit roots, higher education settings, and entrepreneurial environment benefits our partners and customers from a number of unique perspectives.

PRO Services

We provide a wide range of services to help your business.
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About PRO


CalUMS PRO is a brainchild of the California University of Management and Sciences-Virginia Campus (CalUMS-VA.) CalUMS PRO aims to make a valuable contribution to the Washington, DC area business and entrepreneurial communities while creating employment opportunities for it students and graduates.

Internship-to-employment program provides CalUMS PRO offers onsite and offsite engagements and incorporates both, project based and time-and-material, contractual arrangements.

CalUMS PRO offers a wide array of affordable services and products, from IT service management and network engineering to software development, testing, and data analytics. Utilizing University’s extensive resources and significant infrastructure, CalUMS PRO is led by the Information Technology executives and experienced professionals, competitive edge to our customers and empowers our students.

PRO Advantages

Range of advantages to benefit your business.

Our students and graduates work together with industry leaders and seasoned professionals.

Local Sourcing

All the benefits of outsourcing, by a team working just around the corner.


Our priority is success of our students, not profit.


We have resources of a major institution to put forward into your IT project.


With a campus in Arlington, VA and a new technology center being developed in Fairfax, VA we have the infrastructure that your businesses needs.

Awesome Support & Workforce

We have hundreds of current students and graduates standing ready to fulfill your project and staffing needs.



The Oracle University workforce development program (WDP) is a global program with over 140 partner schools in North America. Join the nearly 2 million people worldwide who have earned their Oracle Certification. In-class training program help to develop skills necessary for top IT jobs.

oracle workforce

PRO Team

Khulan Och

Khulan has been the boss of all bosses for her entire lifetime, with more than a decade of professional experience in the U.S. higher education sector.

Peter Smolianski

Peter Smolianski is the CalUMS-VA MSCIS Program Chairman and IT Executive. Peter contributes nearly twenty years in the industry and significant expertise in all areas of Information Technology. Peter is the “P” in the “Pro”.

Anil Parthasarathy
Chief Technology Officer

Anil is an Information Technology Enterprise Architect and Entrepreneur with over 20 years of in-depth experience with unbridled passion for leading, building, and implementing large-scale enterprise-class IT systems.

Imane Dahni
Director, Client Success

Imane has nearly a decade of experience in sales training and leadership for a world renowned company and in educational management. She uses her expertise to polish our hand-picked professionals to become the perfect asset for your company.

Sanath Kumar
Director, Sales

Sanath has nearly a decade of experience in global sales, training and leadership. Sanath also held a leadership role in higher education management. He utilizes his expertise and unmatched people-skills to make PROs and our customers successful.

Prasanna Vadivelu
President, Global Operations

Prasanna has over five years of experience in software development and project management. He is now responsible for all the IT operations of Krouton which is undergone in India.

Giomar Silva
Creative Director

Gio has more than 10 years of experience in communications and marketing, with a focus on technology, strategic planning, and multimedia contents. Y habla español.

Vijay Babu Prakasam
Software Developer/Architect

Vijay is a senior software development professional and an architect. His focus is on delivering enterprise, scalable, distributed, database-driven applications. Vijay proficient in all aspects of software development lifecycle, and in assembly of cubic Rubik’s of all levels of difficulty.

Suganthan Selvaraj
Software Developer

Suganthan’s expertise is in developing highly usable customer facing enterprise applications and integrated software packages. A recognized information architecture expert, Suganthan brings many years of mobile and IOT development to the team. He is also a worldwide Dota champion.

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